International Journal for Philosophy of Religion

The International Journal for Philosophy of Religion is published by Springer and is sponsored by the Associates for Philosophy of Religion. More information is available at the publisher's website.

Although The International Journal for philosophy of Religion (IJPR) is closely affiliated with the Society for Philosophy of Religion (SPR), the full responsibility for all business and contractual matters related to the journal belong solely to the independent corporation known as The Associates for the Philosophy of Religion (APR). Even though the APR is an independent corporation, it maintains a close relationship to the SPR. All members of the APR must be members in good standing in the SPR; as well, the APR is obligated to keep the SPR apprised as to the state of Journal and welcomes recommendations regarding its publication.

Editor in Chief

Ronald L. Hall


The International Journal for Philosophy of Religion (IJPR) provides a medium for the exposition, development, and criticism of important philosophical insights and theories relevant to religion in any of its varied forms. It also provides a forum for critical, constructive, and interpretative consideration of religion from an objective philosophical point of view. IJPR presents articles, symposia, discussions, reviews, notes, and news, serving the interests of a wide range of thoughtful readers, especially teachers and students of philosophy, philosophical theology and religious thought. The International Journal for Philosophy of Religion represents no single institution or sectarian school, philosophical or religious.