The Society

The Society for Philosophy of Religion exists for the discussion of every aspect of philosophy of religion. It is a membership society that votes members in annually and charges membership dues. Members may attend and present at the Society's conferences.


The Society holds an annual conference for members of the society and invited guests. Papers concerning issues in the philosophy of religion are reviewed for presentation at the conference. Presenters must be members of the Society or be specially invited to present. Each paper is given ample time for presentation, followed by commentary and lively and congenial discussion. Only one paper is scheduled in each time slot.  To view the latest program information, click here.


The Society's membership is constitutionally limited to a maximum of 125 members; membership is by invitation. Prospective members are invited to attend a meeting of the Society in order to see first hand how meetings work and to interact with the members. If a visitor desires to join, then this person submits a CV to the membership committee, which forwards a recommendation to the members for a vote at the annual business meeting. There are three categories of membership:
  • Associate Members (who have not earned the PhD and do not hold a full-time academic position; $25 per year dues)
  • Regular Members ($50 per year dues)
  • Emeritus Members (no dues)
Dues are payable via PayPal. The Society's Fiscal Year and dues follow a July 1-June 30 calendar.


 President Brian Birch, Utah Valley University

 Vice-President Rob Prevost, Wingate University
 Secretary/Treasurer John W. Woell, Albion College

 Members of the Council 
Jeffrey Willetts, Mercer University
Ben McCraw, University of South Carolina Upstate
Tim Lytle, Piedmont College
Brad Kallenberg, University of Dayton